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About Mark

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about us

I am a Florida native, a Vegan sympathizer (I love red meat), an artist by day and come nightfall I live vicariously through my xbox 360. I am suspicious of organized religion, advertising and know-it-alls. My teeth will one day fall out from overconsumption of diet-coke. I am straight, yet I adore pedicures. I have A-D-D and O-C-D. My eyes are so small you will often wonder if I am sleeping while in the midst of an in-depth conversation. If you feed me after midnight, I multiply.

I am quite certain that in the above rant/ 'About Me' section there is a sizable window for you curious and or skeptical observers to peer through. Go ahead and peak, I'm dressed!

I have always cringed at the thought of describing myself and my multiplying creative endeavors, but it seems as time wears on, that the personal 'Bio' is a necessary evil in the vast catacombs of the "I wish I didn't have to, buts..." of our strange culture. So with that veiled apology out of the way, I shall now recall (for those who desire to know more) a not so brief remembrance of my time thus far...

I started taking photographs as a favor to a neighbor. I did so poorly that I sold my camera and bought a better one. I mean, a better camera must mean better photos, right? I have since been scaling up exponentially. In Medium, content and creativity. Gwyne says I have GAS! Gadget Acquisition Syndrome. As my mind grows, so do my sights on what is possible creatively. This has allowed me to reach into photography and capture life, not pictures. Pictures are boring. Life is NOT!

I have no formal training; other than a few semesters at community college and some workshops here and there. I learned photography by hands on work with one of the best wedding photographers I know, and that does wonders for a person's confidence. Thank You Gwyne!

I have always had a hard time in describing my creative style. I find the same dilemma when asked what type of photographer am I. But if I had to, I would say that I am doing my best to turn my mind inside out and see what it looks like framed. ;) Once you get past the gooey bits and the debris, there is the occasional sparkly gem.

I just did a quick proofread of this communication, and I am struck by how often I used the word, "I." To my count, it is repeated 35 times in this glorified Personals Ad. Cheese and Rice! You'd think I was a fu**ing rock star with these levels of self absorption. I think that'll do for now. If anybody has anymore questions beyond photography, life, relevance, used clothes, politics, tiny pencils on tiny pads of paper, heartbreak, sports, love, death, addiction, leather goods, lactose intolerance, the future, optimism, environmentalism and the smell of turpentine, please don't Google my name or ask your "friend who knows about photography".

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