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About Gwyne

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My fabulous children!!

Me...and things I love.

about us

I love eggs ----I dont like to go to sleep. I feel like Im missing out on something. *shrug* -----I love to travel! ---- I can do a few stupid human tricks and animal and cartoon voices. ---- I have always wanted to be a dancer ---- I'm addicted to cruising! --- I'm mortified of public speaking ---- I can cook.but I do not like to ----I do not like camping ---- I want Anthony Bourdains job ----Did I mention I LOVE to eat? ----I suck at blogging ---- my favorite color is red ---- I LOVE shoes! --- I enjoy being around people that are blunt and brutally honest ---- I love to play cards ----I was a scapbooker when it wasnt cool ---- I started taking pictures when I was 10. Im a natural historian ---- I cant eat the dry marshmallows out of cereals because chewing them gives me the sensation of fingernails on a chalkboard. *wicked shiver* ---- I have an addiction to baby feet ---- I hate horror movies and I think movies with stupid humor are just painful. I love true stories! ----I love genetics. Id study genetics just for the fun of it ----Im EXtremely ticklish. There is no easier way to piss me off haha. ---- I hate cold weather! ---- I love potty humor! ---- I do not like most Western Medicine ---- Pet peeves: people who pronounce or spell words incorrectly. ---- I love listening to music but I cant sing. ---- I despise running. My motto has always been I only run when chased. ---- I can draw ----Im an organization freak. ---- When my children were babies/toddlers, I kept them awake until LATE hours so that I could sleep in the next morning. I am NOT a morning person ---- I worked for an Attorney who was also a Gynecologist for 7 years ---- Im calm in an emergency or stressful situation ---- I think stupid people should have to wear a sign ---- I love to laugh! Love being told jokes ----I am not normal. Ask my kids ---- Im extremely logical ---- The way to my heart is through my stomach ---- I love tequila ---- My personal motto might just be KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid ---- I HATE bras ---- I am not starstruck. They poo too.

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